31 December 2008

everyone have fun and be safe. pop off some works and keep count of all your fingers.


Chico said...

Hey man,Have a great New Years eve!

is that photo from you guys gettin crazy?

be prosperous,and be well.

talk to you in the new year!


luke said...

nah man. that wasnt me. that was the massive fireworks show at disney. we just had a pretty chill night. threw a party but didnt get too crazy. just good close friends hangin out, havin some drinks, and talkin shit. we did let off some fireworks that were bought outside the city limits though. and me and my brother blew up a hotdog and a yogurt cup this morning.

Jason said...

this is definetly my place...I have been fullfilled..HA I am ready for a cleansing! Luke whats the next big thing??

(minus one finger.)

luke said...

ive got a few irons in the fire. ive gotta make some more progress on my car. 49 chevy. maybe after that ill start lookin for an ironhead. at least thats my plans.