17 January 2009


itd been a while since me and the fellas got out. so today we took off for a town an hour or so south of us. Natchitoches. say that 3 times fast. supposedly the town is noted for its meat pies and we stopped at a local establishment to partake. moto mez had been jonesin for a meat pie and the ones we got were okay, but nothing special. dang. the gumbo was ridiculous though. most delectable. then the mez jumped down a wicked steep hill and ate it. i have no footage of that event unfortunately. regardless, we had fun. its always fun to hit the road with your boys. and burnout phils hair plugs held up just fine.


Chico said...

those pictures rule!

Jason said...

good clean fun!! (totally gay)- HA HA
Nice ones Luke!!

luke said...

i know. i cant believe i dont have a pic or vid of my brother eatin shit on that hill. good 40 degree incline. and then his big beeffalo ass goes banzai'n off it.

Moto Mez said...

Got to love those meat pies.