18 June 2008


heres what mez started out with. he built this set a few months ago, but they ended up being a little too short and obnoxiously loud. so he got it in his mind to fab up a new set. here goes.

heres the raw stuff. 1 3/4 tubing. aluminized somethingoranother. got it from our buddys at a local muffler shop. your lookin at six feet which shouldnt make ya break anything more than a twenty.

the fish tails trimmed off. the front pipe had to be rolled to get the look he as goin for.

since the front pipe had to be rolled from pointing almost straight down to parrallel with the ground, this cut had to be made and the pipe rewelded to keep the pipe tucked into the bike nice and tight.

all tacked up and no place to go.

finished product trimmed to desired length. these sound ten times better and help out a little better with back pressure and all that. plus they look saaaweeet buddy!

man this set of pipes are easy on the eyes. feel free to come to your own opinion, but it really doesnt matter what you think anyway. these kill! mez is a ruler. now if he only didnt drag his ass around like a bag of dirt, these coulda got done way sooner.

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