01 June 2008


these guys are for real. just a hand full of stuff that is excellent to look at and quite the inspiration.

http://jockeyjournal.com/ this is where all the cool kids hang out to talk motorbikes

http://www.biltwellinc.com/ "quality counts"

http://www.churchofchoppers.blogspot.com/ mr. jeff wright is a slayer

http://chopperdaves.blogspot.com/ im "glory bound" thanks to chopper dave

http://4qconditioning.blogspot.com/ max schaaf: thrasher and bike builder extraordinaire

http://frontstcycle.blogspot.com/ fellow JJer that is doin some rad stuff

http://www.bratstyle.com/ japanese stuff

http://mullinschaindrive.com/index.html check out those trees

http://shix-mc.com/ more japanese choppers

these are in no particular order and ive left more than a few out. so if ya feel like i sold ya short, which i did, check out the links on all these pages and go here. http://bikerblogs.blogspot.com/ they'll fill ya in.

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