28 May 2008



i had been wantin to do a set like this for awhile. the uprights are off another set of tbars, only the pullback kind. made the cut, flipped em, coped em, and made up my top bar. credit for the bitchin welds goes to jason.

26 May 2008


heres choppa john and the rest of his scoot.

john is my cousin and he did every bit of work on this bike. built his pipes, shaved forks, seat mount, tank mount, and suicide jockey setup. hes also runnin without any front binders. not to mention some exstensive hacking at the stock frame. i did this set of bars for him outta shoppin cart tubing. the bends are the front of the cart cut in half and flipped out. i dont have anything to bend tubing that far so the bends worked out perfect. and it was thick wall stuff too. just an idea for you broke choppers out there like myself.

25 May 2008

mez chop


my father gave this bike to my brother and hes been rippin it ever since. he did the stock tank removal, which is an ordeal on these bikes. built the suicide jockey setup, lost the front brake, shaved the forks, lost the stock fender and fabbed his current fender setup. built the pipes ya see there and a number of other misc things that make this bike cool. respect the mez.

choppa john's


1949 monarch motorized bicycle gas tank. you're not goin to far, but man its cool. hes in the process of gettin a mustang tank painted and is gonna hang this relic on the wall. like i said before, its not very practical, but still fun to look at.

moto mez


doin work in the back yard

17 May 2008

two wheeled death machine


aka the GO-RILLA



me, kyleigh and phil worked on this for about three days. happy birthday to me, by the way.

11 May 2008