29 June 2011


we did it. made it back in one piece. our good buddy joe bomber was getting hitched so we let out for michigan. we wouldnt miss it for the world mang!!! its quite a trek from the boot, to say the least. riding four deep in the jetta can cause people to do strange things. who doesnt love a good game of hide the high-lighter? the nuptials were a smash hit, then it was off to detroit to see kyleigh's grandfather. then to see her parents a couple hours away. sleep. then we jammed to chicago to see some friends of the mez and rachel's. pizza, downtown, kuma's corner (which was brutal), sleep. on the road again to the homestead. no worries.

Thanks for the spectacles Amelia.  


thanks for the tank chico!!!
vintage buckles from a cool little leather shop in mackinaw city. it was literally the only shop worth going into.


rachel and kyleigh, our co-pilots

lake huron is still cold in the summer. good thing we be polar bears. me and mez have made it somewhat of a tradition to get into bodies of cold water whilst traveling this great land.

kyleigh's stems

riding the "L"

this freakin guy


hay zeus
no one rides for free
deep dishin' in the winday citay


ive been gone. now im back. pictures will soon follow.

07 June 2011


my uncle is selling his 1966 xlch. it is simply pure, unadulterated, sportster perfection. its ridiculous how nice this bike is. everything, I MEAN EVERYTHING, has been gone through on this motorbike. literally every single nut, bolt, seal, gasket, bearing, fitting, cable, and wire is pristine. this bike gets babied so much. it's stored inside. not in a garage. inside his house. you'd be hard pressed to find a more glorious specimen. 10 large makes it yours. and thats below the book price i believe. contact my uncle, James, at 318-294-9214. he would be more than happy to tell you all the details. i have some more pics if need be. he doesn't know what a blog is so tell him you heard about the bike from luke.

04 June 2011


Kangaroo dresser caddy circa 1956.  Three dollar score at an estate sale!!!  Eat your heart out Butch.  All I need is a pack of Red Apples.  Zed's dead baby.  

02 June 2011


...however sketchy it may be.