25 February 2010


...like wicked quick, bra!!!

21 February 2010


did i mention that a front street cycle fender may very well be one the coolest things to happen to my motorbike.........ever. there is a very high probability that this statement is true. and craig is a proper gent, just got a goodie bag in the mail. stickers, pins and such. and his trucker hats are where its at. and he includes a box of these with every order. FRONT STREET CYCLE. in my links to the right.

20 February 2010


fender struts i did for a friends motorbike. i did these same spoon style mounts for the first time on my sissy bar. now, i cant not do em. i love the simplicity of this design. the detail of this kinda stuff will got lost in the rest of the bike, to most people, but ill know its there.

16 February 2010


straddle, kick stand up, gas on, turn key, choke, push starter, twist wrist, foot on clutch, put in gear, roll back throttle, lift foot, freedom.

13 February 2010


it snowed several inches thursday night. i've never had to scrape off the car before. i used a katy perry cd case. i know this isnt much compared to all the other blizzards goin on around the country, but this is weird for around here. and as quickly as it came, it was all gone friday afternoon.

06 February 2010


i recently saw, like two minutes ago, someone on the internet wanting to trade a warbird tail light for a front end. whats the world coming to?? if ya really want a warbid tail light that bad, dont trade your front end for it. unless you have an extra. go see toecutter. http://toecuttershatelist.blogspot.com/ or email him. toecutterp@hotmail.com

03 February 2010


my mom was stoked.