23 March 2010

22 March 2010


mez made some new howler tubes. upgrade.

1000 WORDS

this IS moto mez. in all his chopper fury and glory. hes gonna be a teacher. hes gonna mold minds.

21 March 2010


...wash the dishes for your lady



not much makes me feel better than knowing how much my son loves me. and knowing how geeked he gets when i let him help out in the garage. he ran the drill press for the first time the other day. drilled a few holes, and was completely mesmerized.

20 March 2010


my buddy josh is finally on the road. ive had his bike in my garage for awhile now. i think it turned out pretty cool, considering its humble stock beginnings. we ditched a ton of stock plastic junk. lost the stock bars and switched him over to some keystones and 6" risers. no more control boxes on the handlebars either. moved his horn and starter butons to the top tree. high/low is mounted on top of the headlight bucket. new rear fender and fender struts, topped off with a tried and true chopper brake signaling device, the lucas tail light. ditched the front fender. relocated to license plate to the chain guard. fabbed him up a new seat pan and had it covered with the ole tuck and roll. new side covers from scratch. and away he goes............ he's already having a blast and its only been back in his charge for two days. ah, the joys of the road. no mater how short or long the trip.

18 March 2010