29 December 2009


check max's blog out. my mom and dad made the header pic. and everything else on there is cool beyond measure. look to the right. click on the link. take a ride on a fantastic voyage!!

14 December 2009


kyleigh and john made some mini monsters the other day. fully raided my misc. small hardware drawer, put a dent in my terminal stash, and almost slaughtered my star washer stock. totally worth it.

13 December 2009


an overnight stay in the dining room makes for a much easier start up on those mid 20s morns. got the chopper tucked in for bed and slept soundly knowing i wouldnt have to chance being late for work messing with a fouled plug or something. my motorbike is a bit cold natured. its gonna start, but its gonna make ya think it wont at first. this is an easy solution. and kyleigh rules for always being 1000% okay with stuff like this. love ya babe.

02 December 2009


not really. this is my new helmet though. that much is true. thanks everyone for the stickers.


i wanna join the creepy masked mens club.