27 November 2009


To answer your question mike......

One belief is that heavy consumption of turkey meat (as for example in a Thanksgiving or Christmas feast) results in drowsiness, which has been attributed to high levels of tryptophan contained in turkey. While turkey does contain high levels of tryptophan, the amount is comparable to that contained in most other meats. Furthermore, postprandial Thanksgiving sedation may have more to do with what else is consumed along with the turkey, in particular carbohydrates and alcohol.

It has been demonstrated in both animal models and in humans that ingestion of a meal rich in carbohydrates triggers release of insulin. Insulin in turn stimulates the uptake of large neutral branched-chain amino acids (LNAA) but not tryptophan (trp) into muscle, increasing the ratio of trp to LNAA in the blood stream. The resulting increased ratio of tryptophan to large neutral amino acids in the blood reduces competition at the large neutral amino acid transporter resulting in the uptake of tryptophan across the blood-brain barrier into the central nervous system (CNS). Once inside the CNS, tryptophan is converted into serotonin in the raphe nuclei by the normal enzymatic pathway. The resultant serotonin is further metabolised into melatonin by the pineal gland. Hence, these data suggest that "feast-induced drowsiness," and in particular, the common post-Christmas and North American post-Thanksgiving dinner drowsiness, may be the result of a heavy meal rich in carbohydrates which, via an indirect mechanism, increases the production of sleep-promoting melatonin in the brain.

17 November 2009


@ CHEAP THRILLS!!!!!!!!!! they are rad. check out his blog and get the info.



15 November 2009


i carved this one by hand using only chisels and a hammer. my first attempt at the forbidden art. okay, its not forbidden, but it was fun!! i think im gonna try my hand at this some more. maybe involve a chain saw next time.


13 November 2009


happy friday the 13th. me and the boys are gonna go get 13 dollar 13 tattoos. woohoo.

07 November 2009

06 November 2009


mez's finger got a little too twitchy while staring down the barrel of a rattle can. me and phil had to restrain our laughter until we found out he was okay. still somewhat of a mystery as to how mez managed to shoot himself in the eye hole with a fizz bomb. but he did. and he lives to tell the tale.

04 November 2009


from raw, lifeless steel, to something more. just the beginnings of a sissy bar. this is the lower portion that mounts to the swing arm. more to come.


....in the great northwest. chico is gettin rid of his triumph. neat bike. lotta choice chopper stuff goin on with this scooter. go here for details.



...is underrated. made some new seat mounts sunday night. got to hang out with mez and phil in the garage for a few hours. hadnt done that in awhile. planned a new set of exhaust for the mez. maybe next weekend?? these mounts arent that brutal, but i like em and they get the job done.