25 February 2009


ill admit it. im a slacker. i plan projects and i dont start them. i start projects and dont finish them. me, the moto mez, and burnout phil rolled down to houston this past friday for some bachelor fun with the mez. we had our kness in the breeze for four and a half hours or so. great trip down. weather was brilliant. same on the way back up. a little chilly startin out though. so directly on my retrun i was itchin to make some progress on something, anything. so i dusted off the ole sporty tank and filled the hole and tacked up the body. still a ways to go on this thing, but its gettin there. the mez has got a new rear fender project rollin. more on that later.

09 February 2009


moto mez and i did the finishes touches of fab work on the springer. we had a spare kaw neck stem that mez welded into the front end. fits like a dream. and it turned out lookin just right.

07 February 2009


reason #921 why DiCE magazine is a neato publication. dicemagazine

05 February 2009


...when its questionable as to whether your tiny tank will cut the mustard for the trip or not. a little teflon in the cap keeps the petrol nice and snug. leave it to burnout phil to do something so classy. you're true blue phil.

03 February 2009


check out LOSER MACHINE right now. cool stuff. we're all losers anyway, why fight it?? losermachine.blogspot.com and losermachine.com.