31 August 2011

sneak trophy peek.  come to the twin city bomber bash sept 10.   bomberbash.com for the details.  

28 August 2011

17 August 2011

09 August 2011


 ...ride choppers with laser beam headlights.

07 August 2011


i get instant diarrhea everytime i hear about someone "getting it" or "riding the wild thunder" or "man wolfing" or "being free" or "showing class". i'd rather some redneck tell me "nice bobber bro" at every red light i stop at for the rest of my life. we understand. you're rad. you skate, or you used to skate, or you are a tattoo artist, or you are a tattoo collector, or you want to learn how to rollerblade, or you want to learn how to buy parts on ebay but the class at the junior college got cancelled. it's totally okay man. if i see you on the street, i will gladly step aside and not interfere with the epic nature of your being. i want to burn my denim and launch my bike off a cliff. sorry for the rant. i'm not usually like this, but whatevs.

02 August 2011