30 January 2010


my daughter seems more perturbed than entertained.

27 January 2010

16 January 2010


and we're just gettin started. greaser johnny's birthday is the 19th, but we're throwin the batman party today. !!!POW!!!BAM!!!SMACK!!! happy birthday buddy!!!


im workin on a super secret metal art project right now. its for my mom and she checks the blog from time to time, so no pics yet.

03 January 2010


time for change. mez got a hair, or should i say wire, up his tail pipe and decided to revamp the Go-rilla's electrics. what a chore. we also took the sporty tank off and replaced it with the mustang tank. the inside of the sporty tank was beyond corroded. im gonna cut it up, clean it up, and do a narrow job on it. but thats another story. mez gutted the stock electrical box and did away with the stock plastic box. he's relocating the fuse box, ingition box, and battery. he's also cleaning up the stock harness. what a mess. mez has a good head for wiring though, so it should turn out swell.