30 March 2009


this is moto mez, his new bride rachel aka ray ray, myself, and kyleigh jane doing our best "family singing group from the 70s" impression. this was saturday at their "we just got married and are in a new place" party. burnout Phil hid beer cans and bottles throughout their house. brilliant! I promise more motorcycle stuff to come in the next few days.

22 March 2009

!!!!!!JUST HITCHED!!!!!!

my brother james aka moto mez got married this weekend. we had a grand ole time. you see us here sprucin up the wagon for his wedding night retreat. thats the mez rockin the white tie and the rest of the crew having a celebratory twist. quite possibly the best night ever. and dont worry ladies, burnout phil didnt catch the garder and is still available. he even has a really cute scar on his shoulder just like bruce willis.

19 March 2009


i might have to get this and run it on my motorbike. i suggested to my wife that i could call my bike "the baby killer". she wasnt a fan.

14 March 2009


a good buddy of mine let me put my hands on his honda thats been sittin up for awhile now. so in addition to a little tune up, im gonna smooth over some of the points on the motorbike that honda felt the need to leave a little bulbous and offensive to the eyes of the discriminating hack job artist. did away with the plastic side covers and worked these up. also swissed the chain guard. ive got plans for new bars and relocation of stock switches to streamline the future lanesplitters. but thats for another time.

13 March 2009


go get one of these at your local inkery. done by chris at the body electric tattoo. shreveport, LA. the body electric

11 March 2009

01 March 2009


myself, choppajohn, burnout phil, and moto mez. hangin out in houston last weekend. good things.