25 January 2009


mez got at his springer saturday. its been cut up for a while now and he was feeling motivated this weekend and had at it. we just had to punch out the slug holes and get to burning it in. mez got it a few years ago from our cousin. it was a swap meet find weighing in at the tune of some 13 or 14" over. so we measured 97 times and cut once. turned out just about right.

20 January 2009


sometimes you just need a little alone time.

19 January 2009

17 January 2009


itd been a while since me and the fellas got out. so today we took off for a town an hour or so south of us. Natchitoches. say that 3 times fast. supposedly the town is noted for its meat pies and we stopped at a local establishment to partake. moto mez had been jonesin for a meat pie and the ones we got were okay, but nothing special. dang. the gumbo was ridiculous though. most delectable. then the mez jumped down a wicked steep hill and ate it. i have no footage of that event unfortunately. regardless, we had fun. its always fun to hit the road with your boys. and burnout phils hair plugs held up just fine.

15 January 2009

Our friend Marco has hit a spot of bad luck, and Andy over at American Icon Screen Printing has stepped up to raise some cash to help with his legal bills. For $15 you can get the killer t-shirt above, shipped to your door as well as the satisfaction of knowing you helped out a brother in need. Not much can be said about the situation Marco is in (for legal reasons), but what I can say is he is an A+, stand up dude who has helped out a lot of people with out asking for anything in return. He hasn’t asked for our help, but he sure as hell deserves it. So here’s how it works -
Send $15 (for each shirt that you would like to purchase) via paypal to: andrewcamay@mac.comMake sure to include the size shirt(s) you need as well as the shipping address.Shirts will be printed next week, and will ship as soon as humanly possible.
$10 from every shirt sale goes directly to Marco (the other $5 covers printing, material and shipping costs)
Every little bit helps, and in return you get a sweet shirt. I know times are tough out there, but if you can help out, please do.

09 January 2009


hooked this up for my mother. shes been wantin something of this sort and finally found a ball and i proceeded to make this spider. ive made her a couple other pieces in the past. ill never have to buy another birthday or christmas present again. she likes this stuff way better.

08 January 2009


get with them here http://americaniconmerch.com/ and feel whole again. for all your custom screen printing needs.

07 January 2009


i thrive on the fact that there isnt much on my motorcycle that is unnecessary or in excess. sometimes you just wanna be free man, free to ride your machine. nothing else.


built for pleasure, not comfort.

06 January 2009

B. H. B. B.

YO, CHECK IT!!!!!! http://byhandandbybrain.blogspot.com/ coolest name ever.

03 January 2009


....is a skinny sporty tank. so i thought id try my hand at it. i didnt slim it down too much. pie cut 1" outta the back. more to come.